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About Explorer

EXPLORER offers middle and high school students in Southern California a unique opportunity to engage directly with various professions. Our partnerships across business, government, and academia enable us to provide immersive experiences that bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world careers. We focus on interactive workshops, industry events, and experiential learning to help students discover their passions and shape their futures.

EXPLORER's mission is to inspire and empower Southern California's youth by connecting education with the professional world. Our goal is to open doors to diverse career paths, providing students with hands-on experiences and insights into various industries.

We envision EXPLORER as a beacon for young innovators and future leaders, striving to be Southern California's premier career exploration program. Our vision is to foster a community where exploration leads to personal growth, career clarity, and a more dynamic workforce."

Chart Your Course: Upcoming Adventures

Don’t miss your chance to connect with industry leaders, discover your passions, and take the first step towards your future career. Join the EXPLORER Crew today!



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