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The Importance of High School Internships

High School students often feel pressured to decide on their career paths early in their educational journey. The problem for these students is that choosing a career can be daunting if you don't have any experience in that particular field. This is where high school internships can come in. Internships provide practical work experience, giving students an edge in their future careers. In this blog post, we will be looking at a case study of a high school student who participated in an internship and the benefits they gained from it. We'll also hear from an admissions officer on why internships are important.

Meet Katelyn, during high school she participated in an onsite Perceiver Internship hosted at a top university lab. During the internship she gained invaluable experience that provided her with tangible skills. Katelyn said, "I participated in an internship at the UCLA NanoSystems Institute, where I worked alongside two amazing professors on developing new technologies to help cure diseases. After weeks of research, the other interns and I presented our findings in front of a panel of experts in the medical field. This experience really prepared me for a future in medical school where I will be doing similar research, experiments, and presentations." Katelyn's internship left her feeling more confident in her career path and prepared her for the challenges faced in medical school.

Admissions officers at colleges and universities are also impressed by applicants who have practical experience in their chosen field. Former UCLA Admissions Officer Dr. Roslyn Haley states that "applicants who have shown direct interest in their intended field through internships are much more likely to standout during the competitive college admissions process." This insight and understanding of your future career path can make all the difference in getting accepted to a top-tier university. In the video clip below Dr. Roslyn Haley discusses how internships put college applicants at the top of the review process:

Internships provide students with a unique perspective that can't be achieved in the classroom. Real-world experience allows students to develop critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills, which are essential in any professional environment. A student's high school experience is crucial to their future success. Participating in an internship during high school sets students apart from their peers and provides a significant advantage in the college application process and future career success.

Educational companies such as Perceiver Education, headquartered in Irvine, CA, offer students the chance to pursue advanced internship and research opportunities year-round while also supplying both guidance and support. Perceiver hosts internship programs led by top university professors from Stanford, Caltech, UCLA, USC, and many more. They also actively assist students in achieving success and gaining valuable real-world skills during their internships. To learn more about Perceiver's top-tier internship programs, please visit their website at


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