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Perceiver's virtual webinars offer students and parents insights into our research programs and their advantages for college admissions.

WEBINAR | High School Research as a Path to Top College Admissions
WEBINAR | High School Research as a Path to Top College Admissions
Multiple Dates
May 23, 2024, 6:00 PM PDT
Q+A Webinar

Research Programs as a Gateway to College

Dr. Roslyn Haley, a former UCLA admissions officer, discusses the significance of extracurricular activities, such as research internships, in distinguishing students during the college application process.

According to a 2020 study by American Student Assistance, only 2% of high school students had participated in internships. Among those who seized the opportunity for research internships, a remarkable 99% found themselves positioned in the early decision applicant pool at top-tier universities.


Participating in internships sets you apart from other college applicants by demonstrating your eagerness to shoulder responsibilities, acquire new knowledge, and proactively engage with your chosen field of study. Additionally, being an intern signals to admissions officers that you are proactively gaining a head start in your intended major.

Perceiver Student Success

"I participated in an internship at the UCLA NanoSystems Institute, where I worked alongside two amazing professors on developing new technologies to help cure diseases. After weeks of research, the other interns and I presented our findings in front of a panel of experts in the medical field. This experience really prepared me for a future in medical school where I will be doing similar research, experiments, and presentations."

Admitted Into UC Berkeley

Katelyn - Perceiver Student

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