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STEM-Based Research Programs
for High School Students

Perceiver Education's Research Programs provide valuable practical skills and opportunities for students to address real-world challenges. These programs involve active participation in laboratories, collaboration with esteemed professors, hands-on research, skill development, paper crafting, presentation design, and a mix of in-person and hybrid experiences. Programs are available year-round with unique opportunities in spring, summer, and fall. Program fees vary by research topic.

Collaborate Directly with Distinguished University Professors

Doctors Analyzing MRI

Students Work Hands-On in Cutting-Edge Labs and Research Centers

Science Lab

Perform Active Research and Work Toward Solving Real-World Problems

Paper Waste

Emerging Topics like AI, 3D Printing, Nanotech, and Stem-Cell Regenerative Medicine

3D Printer
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2024 Spring & Summer Research Program Applications Are Now Open!

(Apply Today -- Spots Are Limited!)

2024 Research Programs

View Perceiver Education's 2024 Program Catalog

Explore all programs, including program specifics, pricing, and program schedules

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Participate in our interactive Webinar Series to discover the program that best fits your passion!

Applications for our 2024 Spring and Summer Research Internships are now open!

Internship Style & Results

At Perceiver Education, we pride ourselves on offering diverse internship styles, blending the best of both worlds with hybrid settings encompassing both online and in-person experiences. This flexible approach allows students to participate in internships regardless of location, ensuring access to valuable opportunities.

Throughout the internship journey, our subject experts and project managers guide and support students in honing their skills and expertise. At the culmination of their internships, we encourage students to produce tangible and impactful results, such as research papers and conference presentations. By engaging in real-world projects and hands-on experiences, our students gain practical knowledge and contribute meaningfully to their respective fields. These tangible outcomes boost their confidence and serve as valuable additions to their portfolios, enhancing their academic and professional growth and increasing their odds of securing admission to Top Universities.

Laboratory & Workshops

Hands-on learning through state-of-the-art labs and professional engineering workshops

Academic Papers

Showcase practical learning by writing a research paper, highlighting findings and contributions to your field

Coding & Analysis

Utilize coding and analytical skills  to process datasets, learning how to make data-driven decisions

Conference Presentations

Share your internship outcomes, demonstrating field expertise and making valuable connections within professional communities

Simulations & Research

Explore complex scenarios and contribute meaningful advancements to select fields

Product Prototype

Internships develop the skills necessary to create product prototypes, transforming innovative ideas into tangible solutions

Research as a Path to College Admissions

College Campus

According to a 2020 study by American Student Assistance, only 2% of high school students had participated in internships. Among those who seized the opportunity for research internships, a remarkable 99% found themselves positioned in the early decision applicant pool at top-tier universities.


Participating in internships sets you apart from other college applicants by demonstrating your eagerness to shoulder responsibilities, acquire new knowledge, and proactively engage with your chosen field of study. Additionally, being an intern signals to admissions officers that you are proactively gaining a head start in your intended major.

The Perceiver Difference

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