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Throwing Caps

Perceiver Student Success

At Perceiver Education, we understand that internships are not just about securing college admissions, but also equipping students with real-world skills. These invaluable skills empower our students to excel in their academic pursuits and ensure a smooth transition into their future careers. Our program graduates stand out as confident, resourceful, and well-prepared individuals ready to make a meaningful impact on the world!

Real-World Student Achievements

"I participated in an internship at the UCLA NanoSystems Institute, where I worked alongside two amazing professors on developing new technologies to help cure diseases. After weeks of research, the other interns and I presented our findings in front of a panel of experts in the medical field. This experience really prepared me for a future in medical school where I will be doing similar research, experiments, and presentations."

Admitted Into UC Berkeley

Katelyn - Perceiver Student

Perceiver Student Publications

Student Collaboration

Perceiver Students Collaborating on Research

Tiffany Cardiac Surgical Internship

Stanford Cardiac Surgical Internship

Student Conference

Perceiver Students Participating in Sustainability Conference

Student Speakers

Perceiver Students Presenting Their Research

Caltech trip

Perceiver Students Tour Caltech Campus

Mark UCLA Department of Atmospheric Sciences

UCLA Department of Atmospheric Sciences Internship

Perceiver Students Get Into Top Universities!

Top Universities That Perceiver Students Have Been Admitted To
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